Code Compliance Inspections are offered not only to municipalities, but also to the private consumer. All inspection services may be contracted from the single discipline inspection to all trade inspections for the complete construction of any facility.

From the foundation to the roof, SCBI is proud to offer a Licensed Building Code Administrator; Licensed Building Inspector; Licensed Fire Inspector; Licensed Electrical Inspector; Licensed Mechanical Inspector; Licensed Plumbing Inspector; Licensed Coastal Construction Inspector; Licensed Rehabilitation Inspector; or a Licensed Home Inspector.

Whatever your inspection needs, we have the State Licensed personnel to fill them.

Code compliance inspections are not only for new construction. The requirements of code compliance encompass upgrades to existing structures whenever a change of occupancy or usage, and/or change of floor plan has occurred.

The insurance industry has made it necessary for code compliance inspections to be completed to achieve specific deductions or to renew insurance policies.

With the Building Codes changing every three years, it is imperative that the property owner or developer have the most experienced professionals on their team.

Pre-Sale Inspections encompass residential and commercial facilities. SCBI offers the single-family residential inspection starting at $200 up to 1000 sq. ft.  this includes the Wind Mitigation Inspection and follow up inspections (as needed), pools and pool enclosures. $250 up to 2000 sq ft, $50 per each additional 1000 sq ft. Accessory structures up to 500 sq. ft. are an additional $50, over 500 sq. ft. price to be negotiated. Individual inspections (roof) $75 each. Condominium presales start at $150 for 1000 sq. ft., $200 for up to 2000 sq. ft, and $50 per each additional 1000 sq ft. Commercial pre-sale inspection prices are negotiated per project.

Other types of pre-sale inspections are available, four and five point insurance inspections, which include insurance, upgrade requirements if necessary, also quality control and verification of repairs or upgrades made prior to closing.

Having the most experienced and licensed professional performing your commercial or residential pre-sale inspections build confidence and reassure the purchaser, by having all the information available to make the right decision.

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